Bare Conductive - Boião de tinta condutora 50ml

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Desenhe, descubra, crie. Os seus projetos de design e eletrônicos estão prestes a mudar para sempre. Pintar e imprimir circuitos e sensores ou usar como adesivo condutor em quase tudo, incluindo papel, plástico, tecidos e circuitos electrónicos convencionais

Coloque este material flexível e revolucionário na sua caixa de ferramentas hoje mesmo!



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Data Sheets:
Electric Paint MSDS
Electric Paint Technical Data Sheet
Electric Paint Application Notes

Touch Board Workshop Manual
Touch Board Techniques and Inspiration  
Touch Board Basic Projects  
Touch Board Digital Toolkit



• Conducts electricity when dry
• Paint, stencil or screen print
• Air‐drying
• Nontoxic and solvent free
• Water soluble
• Paint over with water‐based paints
• Screen print up to 0.8m2
• Dries at room temperature in 10-15 minutes
• Must be fully dry to work
• Easily removable with soap and water
• Seal with acrylic paint or spray varnish
• Can last years if treated properly and kept dry
• Works on: paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, plaster, some rubbers, textiles, etc…
• Can be painted or sprayed over for protection or multi-layered circuitry
• Can be used with conductive thread and e-textiles
• Surface resistivity approx 55 ohms/square at 50 microns layer thickness

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Precautions of use:
Store in a cool dry place. Use within 6 months of opening. This product has not been tested with an  electrical source exceeding 12V DC or 50mA: therefore use with higher voltages is not recommended. Use in accordance  with the battery manufacturer’s instructions. Do not ingest. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult  whilst using this product. Can be removed with soap and water.


LEVEL: Beginner to Expert Engineer


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