Raspberry Pi OLED Add-on
  • Raspberry Pi OLED Add-on
  • Raspberry Pi OLED Add-on
  • Raspberry Pi OLED Add-on

Raspberry Pi OLED Add-on

11,63 €

OLED add-on 0,96 '' 128 * 64 OLED é controlado pelo chip SSD1306 e é personalizado para Raspberry Pi. Cada pixel OLED pode ser iluminado ou apagado pelo chip SSD1306.


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There are seldom OLED add-ons customized for Raspberry Pi in the open source hardware market. In a lot of projects, we only need to display little information such as the state of system or IP. What’s more, when we have a high requirement for its portability, it’s unsuitable to connect a big screen to Raspberry Pi via HDMI interface. Thus, a tiny OLED add-on can satisfy this demand.

OLED add-on with built-in 0.96’’ 128*64 OLED and SSD1306 control chip is customized for Raspberry Pi. Every single pixel in OLED can be lighted up or off by this SSD1306 control chip.

We not only offer an easily-plugged add-on for Raspberry Pi, but also provide an SDK that help you transplant Arduino’s driver into Raspberry Pi. After installing the SDK, you can drive this add-on as easily as you do on Arduino.

This product is compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ as well.




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Module Type No
Weight 21.00g
Model IM140714003
Board Size 48.35mm X 48.47mm X1.6mm
Version 1.0
Operation Level Digital 3.3V
Power Supply
  • External 3.3V
  • External 5V

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