Conversor RS232 para RS485 isolado para ambiente industrial

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Conversor RS232 para RS485 isolado para ambiente industrial, até 1,2 km de distância de transmissão RS485, TVS (Supressão de Tensão Transiente), etc.




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Industrial RS232 TO RS485 Converter

Industrial Grade Isolated RS232 TO RS485 Asynchronous Bi-Directional Converter
Embedded TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) And Lightning-Proof Diodes


Features At A Glance

  • Compatible with RS232/RS485 standard, converting the RS232 signal into balanced differential RS485 signal
  • Stable transmission on rate of 300~115200bps
  • Onboard unibody power supply isolation, provides stable isolated voltage, needs no extra power supply for the isolated terminal
  • Onboard unibody ADI magnetical isolation, allows signal isolation, high reliability, strong anti-interference, low power consumption
  • Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppress surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightning-proof & anti-electrostatic
  • Onboard resettable fuse and protection diodes, ensures the current/voltage stable outputs, provides over-current/over-voltage protection, improves shock resistance
  • Integrates optional RS485 output terminal 120R resistor, enabled/disabled via switch
  • DC-005 power jack, allows 6V~36V DC wide range input, suits different application situations
  • 3x LED indicators, easy to check the operating status: power, transmitting, and receiving
  • Aluminium alloy enclosure with sand blasting and anodic oxidation, solid and durable


PRODUCT TYPE Electromagnetic isolated RS232 TO RS485 asynchronous bi-directional converter
DATA RATE 300~115200bps
DEVICE PORT RS232/RS485 standard complaint
RS232 PORT Connector DB9 female
Transmission distance ~15m
Transmission mode point-to-point
RS485 PORT Connector screw terminal + RJ45 connector
Direction control hardware automatic control
Protection 600W lightning-proof and surge-suppress, 15KV ESD
Terminal resistor 120R, enabled/disabled via switch
Transmission distance ~1200m
Transmission mode point-to-multipoints (up to 32 nodes, it is recommended to use repeaters for 16 nodes or more)
LED INDICATORS PWR power indicator, light up red when power supply is connected
TXD TX indicator, blinking green while the RS232 port is transmitting data
RXD RX indicator, blinking blue while the RS232 port is receiving data
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Temperature -15℃~70℃
Humidity 5%RH~95%RH

1200m Long Distance Transmission

Converting The RS232 Signal Into Balanced Differential RS485 Signal

Stable transmission on rate of 300~115200bps, about 1200m transmission distance of RS485, about 15m transmission distance of RS232


Connectors & Pinout Definition

Provides Both Screw Terminal And RJ45 Connector For RS485, Meets Different Industrial Application Requirements

RS232-TO-RS485-details-7.jpg RS232-TO-RS485-details-9.jpg RS232-TO-RS485-details-10.jpg

Convenient Indicators

Onboard 3x LED Indicators For Checking Power Connection And Signal TX/RX Status

RS232-TO-RS485-details-11.gif RS232-TO-RS485-details-11.jpg

Aluminium Alloy Enclosure

Aluminium Alloy Enclosure With Sand Blasting And Anodic Oxidation Processing
Solid And Durable, Nice Looking


Application Examples

The RS232 TO RS485 Converter Can Be Widely Used For Point-To-Point, Point-To-Multipoint, Long Distance Cascaded Communication Network Between Two Hosts, Or Between Host And MCU/Peripheral


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