• Caixa para pcDuino
  • Caixa para pcDuino
  • Caixa para pcDuino
  • Caixa para pcDuino

Caixa para pcDuino

3,82 €

Caixa Transparente para board pcDuino

Dimensions:12mm X 88mm X 32mm

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The LinkSprite clear enclosure is a more powerful box for your pcDuino and Arduino board. It's not just suitable for all kinds of Arduino and also can be use for pcDuino. For this case we prepare another two precut end pieces which can be fit for all the port on pcDuino beside the regular pair for Arduino. You Just need to align the hole to the different internal mounting hole according to your board.

It’s can adapt for couple of Arduino boards in the same time. The enclosure can use with the extension side plate to make more internal space for the additional Arduino boards. Great use for your pcDuino and project!



  • Made of ABS plastic (good thermostability, high intensity)
  • Enclosure is easy to machine, drill, cut and shape to what you need
  • Brass, screws inserts (can be used and reused for many times)
  • Fits various Arduino Boards and 16X2 LCDs
  • Couple of boards can be adapted in the same time
  • Pop out plates for GPS, buttons, sensors, switches, knobs etc
  • Products of high precision, the appearance of fine, exquisite craft.
  • Design to a translucent appearance, give you a better and clearer vision.
  • Hold up to 4 AAA battries internally using 2 AAA holders. AA’s can squeeze in but the case won’t close nicely so we suggset AAA’s



  • 12mm X 88mm X 32mm




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