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Este módulo GPS é totalmente compatível com dispositivos UART tais como Rasbperry Pi e Arduino e já trás uma antena cerâmica. Capaz de precisão posicional de pouco menos de 2m e uma precisão de velocidade espantosa de <0,1m/s.


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The NEO-6M GPS Module For Arduino is a very robust GPS module especially for its entry-level price and non-intrusive size. Fully compatible with UART devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, as well as the MSP range of microprocessors by Texas Instruments. Capable of positional accuracy of just under 2m and an astounding velocity accuracy of <0.1m/s.

Once powered, the module will instantly acquire a satellite signal for a position fix. Once fixed, an on-board LED will blink to confirm and continue to blink for the time the module has a successful positional fix!


GPS Module Features:

  1. Input Supply Voltage Range: 3.7V-6V, onboard voltage regulator maintains 3.3V

  2. I/O Maximum Logic Level: 3.6V

    1. We have tested it with a direct connection to the 5V serial pins on an Arduino and found it to work fine but extended periods of time may be different

    2. To use with a 5V logic device, such as an Arduino, we suggest level shifting the 5V TX signal using one of the following:

      1. Two 1N4148 diodes in series between the TX pin on your 5V device and the RX pin on this GPS module (will drop the voltage to ~3.6V)

        1. Only recommended for baud rates of 9600 and less

      2. Use a logic level converter module such as the Addicore Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter

  3. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) enabled GPS unit

  4. <1 second to first fix (TTFF) for hot starts

  5. 27 seconds to first fix (TTFF) for cold starts

  6. Onboard LED will blink after the module acquires a position fix and will continue blinking as long as the module has a fix

  7. 50 Channel NEMA GPS receiver

  8. UART: 9600 baud by default, but is configurable from 4800 to 115200 baud

  9. 5Hz max update rate

  10. External EEPROM for configuration storage

  11. Four plated mounting holes, 3mm in diameter

  12. One additional non-plated mounting/antenna cable hole, 4mm in diameter

  13. Position Accuracy: 2 m and better with multiple good satellite signals

  14. Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 m/s

  15. Maximum Velocity: 500 m/s

  16. Heading Accuracy: 0.5 degrees while moving

  17. On-board battery for battery-backed RAM (BBR)

    1. The battery is recharged through a simple diode and resistor charger circuit from the onboard voltage regulator’s 3.3V output

  18. Three different power modes (refer to Receiver Description Including Protocol Specification in the documents for information on configuring the operating mode)

    1. Two continuous operating modes:

      1. Maximum Performance Mode – continuously uses the acquisition engine, resulting in the best possible time to first fix (TTFF)

      2. Eco Mode – optimizes the use of the acquisition engine to minimize current consumption

    2. One intermittent operating mode

      1. Power Save Mode – draws a mear 11mA – Utilizes cyclic tracking, with configurable update periods, which reduces the average power consumption significantly

  19. -156dBm Hotstart sensitivity

  20. Weight: 17.6g (0.6oz)

  21. Dimensions of GPS Module: 36mm (1.42″) x 25.8mm (1.02″) x 4mm (0.16″)

  22. Dimensions of Antenna: 25.5mm (1″) x 25.5mm (1″) x 8.8mm (0.35″)



Receiver Type

50 channels, GPS L1(1575.42Mhz)

Horizontal Position Accuracy


Navigation Update Rate

1HZ (5Hz maximum)

Capture Time

Cool start: 27sHot start: 1s

Navigation Sensitivity


Communication Protocol


Serial Baud Rate

4800-230400 (default 9600)

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C

Operating Voltage

2.7V ~ 3.6V

Operating Current


TXD/RXD Impedance








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