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Fita LED 12V 2W 16cm Ultra Violeta UVC Germicida c/ cabo 11cm - DFRobot FIT0948

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Esta é uma fita LED ultravioleta de 16cm, fléxivel e que pode ser alimentada com uma tensão de 12V.



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This is a UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamp strip with a wavelength of 275nm, belonging to short-wave ultraviolet rays, with strong germicidal ability, two-wire system, 12V power supply, flexible FPC circuit board, which can be bent, cut and better embedded in various scenes.

The ultraviolet light bar can be DIY small and simple ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can be used for sterilization in small scenes, such as mite removal in wardrobes, mite removal in shoe cabinets, mite removal in homes, identification of genuine and counterfeit banknotes, etc.

Note: Strong ultraviolet light is harmful to eyes and skin.

Please don't look at the light naked, and don't shine the light on your skin for a long time.


What is UVC?

UVC wavelength below 280mm, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet. The penetration ability is weak, so it can't penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. Short-wave ultraviolet rays do great harm to human body. Short-time irradiation can burn the skin, and long-term or high-intensity irradiation can also cause skin cancer. Short-wave ultraviolet rays can be used as ultraviolet germicidal lamps.


Ultraviolet wavelength

Figure: Ultraviolet Wavelength



  1. UVC wavelength 275nm, Strong germicidal ability

  2. Flexible FPC circuit board: Bendable and cuttable

  3. Two-wire system, Easy to install with 12V power supply



  1. Small-scale sterilization

  2. Mite removal in wardrobes

  3. Shoe cabinets sterilization

  4. Banknote verification



  1. Power supply voltage: 12V

  2. Operating current: 170mA

  3. Power: 2W

  4. Wavelength: 275nm

  5. Number of lamp beads: 5

  6. Wiring description: red wire-positive electrode, black wire-negative electrode.

  7. Length: PCB board length 16cm, wide 1cm,line length 11cm and total length 27cm.

  8. Working temperature: -30° ~ 60°C

  9. Storage temperature: -10° ~ 40°C

  10. Storage humidity: 40%~65%RH


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