Kit de Comunicação Radio APC802 até 3Km

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O módulo APC802-43 é um módulo de transmissão de dados sem fios de micro-potencia half-duplex altamente integrado, que inclui o microcontrolador de alta velocidade e o chip RF de alto desempenho ADF7020-1 da ADI.



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APC802-43 module is a highly integrated half-duplex micro-power wireless data transmission module,  include the high-speed microcontroller and ADI's high-performance RF chip ADF7020-1.
 It support efficient circulation innovative interleaving error correction coding, anti-interference and sensitivity are greatly improved, 24bits continuous burst error can be corrected to achieve the advanced level in the industry.
APC802-43 module provides a choice of multiple channels can be modified online serial rate, transmit power, RF rate and other parameters, it can be transparent data of any size,  the user no need to write complex settings transfer program, while the small size wide-voltage operation, far transmission distance, a rich and convenient software programming capabilities, so it can be applied with wide range field.

    2800-3200 meters transmission distance (9600bps)
    Operating frequency 418-455MHz
    Communication channel to 0.2MHz step, continuously adjustable
    Transmitting power: 500mW adjustable), supply voltage: 4.7 - 6.5V
    Current consumption: 35mA (receiver), 400mA (transmitter)
    UART interface
    Is greater than 100 channels
    GFSK modulation mode
    Efficient cycle interleaved error correction coding, the maximum burst error correction 24bits continuous
    Flexible set of software programming options
    The oversized 2 × 256bytes data buffer
    Suitable for a large amount of data transmission
    Built-in watchdog to ensure long-term reliable operation
    Volume: 60.0 × 43.0 × 14.0 (mm)


    Wireless Sensor
    Home Automation
    Wireless meter reading
    Automated data acquisition
    Remote control and monitoring
    POS systems, asset management
    Building residential automation and security
    Robot control
    Vehicle Management
    Meteorology, remote sensing
Package include:
1.    2 x APC802 Module

2     2 x straight head / elbow antenna

3.    USB-TTL Dongle


APC802 Datasheet

RF-Magic Configure software


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