Caixa preta Raspberry Pi Modelo B+
  • Caixa preta Raspberry Pi Modelo B+
  • Caixa preta Raspberry Pi Modelo B+

Caixa preta Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2 / Pi 3

7,28 €

Esta caixa apresenta um design em forma de encaixe fácil com aberturas para ter acesso a todos os recursos de hardware.

Black Raspberry Pi case for Model 2 B / B+. This case features an easy snap fit design with cut outs for all hardware features. This case can be mounted on to any surface using the two screw slots on the under side, the case is also vented underneath to prevent over heating. This case supports the Raspberry Pi camera by mounting inside the top with two screws and cut out for pin hole camera. The top of the case features three cutouts for feeding ribbon cables out of the case for the Raspberry Pi camera and touch screen display.
  • Black case
  • ABS material with a smooth finish
  • Supports mounting for Raspberry Pi camera board
  • Ventilation for heat dissapation
  • Snap-fit design
  • Raspberry Pi logo displayed on top
  • Rubber feet
  • Cut outs for connectors and ribbon cables
  • Enclosure Type:
  •  Raspberry Pi 2 B / Pi B+ Box
  • Enclosure Material: 
  •  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Body Colour: 
  •  Black
  • External Height - Imperial:
  •  1.18"
  • External Height - Metric:   
  •  31mm
  • External Width - Imperial:
  •  2.4"
  • External Width - Metric:
  •  61.5mm
  • External Depth - Imperial:
  •  3.7"
  • External Depth - Metric:
  •  94mm



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