Ozobot STEAM Kits: OzoGoes para o Sol, Terra e Lua

33,74 €

Aprende como os movimentos do Sol e da Lua afetam a terra neste kit da Ozobot.


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*Atenção: as imagens são meramente ilustrativas.


Learn about how the movements of the Sun and Moon affect different phenomena on Earth with OzoGoes to the Sun, Earth & Moon

Gain important STEAM skills with one easy-to-use kit. Designed to supplement classroom learning, Ozobot STEAM Kits offer ready-to-go creative and educational activities that encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration through practicing real-world applications. 

  1.  Interactive, hands-on project 

  2.  One kit engages groups or individual learners 

  3.  Easy-to-follow assembly guide and instructions

  4.  Ready-to-go lessons, activities, and fact cards aligned with NGSS

  5.  QR code to access free digital STEAM Kit lessons in Ozobot Classroom 

  6.  Activities support learning with and without a robot*

  7.  Recommended for ages 8+

Please note: One kit engages up to 3-4 students.


Shipping List

  1. 1 Sun stand 

  2. 1 Earth stand 

  3. 1 Moon stand 

  4. 1 Bamboo skewer 

  5. 1 Earth globe 

  6. 1 Clear adhesives 

  7. 1 Flashlight 

  8. 1 Evo hat 

  9. 1 Activity board 

  10. 1 Activity sheet 

  11. 1 Fact cards 

  12. 1 Inquiry cards 

  13. 1 Styrofoam Moon 

  14. 1 Assembly instructions 


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