Motor Passo + Driver (ULN2003) - Funduino

7,80 €

Este conjunto de componentes é ideal para projetos que exigem rotação controlada. Este é um conjunto com o motor 28BYJ-48 e ULN2003.


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This component set is ideally suited to projects requiring controlled rotation.
This is the stepper motor 28BYJ-48 and ULN2003 driver set. The set is compatible with the standard Arduino stepper library and has quite a punch for such a small set.
This set is a great entry point into the world of stepper motors and will be happy operating robots and gizmos in all manner of projects.
Stepper motors are the main type of motors used within CNC machines and robots.
They are used to drive the axis either on their own or in pairs.
The main feature that makes them so special is the ability to accurately control the amount of rotation. Each motor is connected to a driver board, which both powers and controls them.
As such, no extra power connections are needed.
Please ensure that your project is compatible with the motors before ordering.
If you have any other questions or require a datasheet, please do not hesitate to ask.

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