• Cabo PoE Passivo
  • Cabo PoE Passivo
  • Cabo PoE Passivo
  • Cabo PoE Passivo
  • Cabo PoE Passivo
  • Cabo PoE Passivo

Cabos (M/F) PoE Passivo

4,80 €

Com este cabo pode alimentar o seu dispositivo ethernet no mesmo cabo usado  para transmitir dados numa rede de área local ou na internet.

Este produto inclui o par de cabos necessários para injectar alimentação no cabo de rede ethernet 4 pares e poder retirar a alimentação na outra ponta do cabo.


Se tiver alguma dúvida neste produto não hesite em contactar-nos.

*Atenção: as imagens são meramente ilustrativas.

Integrating Ethernet support into your project is a great way to relay data through a local area network and even bounce information out to the internet. Sometimes it's hard to get power to your Ethernet devices. Wouldn't it be convenient to use the same cable for power and data? Using these power over Ethernet adapters, you can do just that!

Each cable has a female RJ45 on one side which is adapted to a male RJ45 and 5.5x2.1mm barrel jack connector on the other side. The 'injector' cable has a female barrel jack connector and the 'splitter' cable has a male barrel jack. Simply attach the cables at each end of your network cable, plug the male barrel jack from the splitter into your target device and plug your power adapter into the injector. Now you can use one cable to provide both power and data for your Ethernet enabled device.

Note: This is NOT a true 802.3af power injector, it just puts DC onto the unused pair of conductors in the cable. It will work in pairs to get power from one end of an Ethernet cable to the other, but may not work with devices that require true 802.3af POE.


Note: You are getting a set of two cables.




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