Estação de Carregamento para Bee-Bot e Blue-Bot

44,72 €

Uma estação de ancoragem recarregável para até seis Bee-Bot's® ou Blue-Bot's® recarregáveis.

Robôs não incluidos.



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*Atenção: as imagens são meramente ilustrativas.

A mains rechargeable docking station for up to six rechargeable Bee-Bot's® or Blue-Bot's®.

This docking station is not only easy to carry around your setting, but is an excellent storage device for a class set of Bee-Bot's® or Blue-Bot's®.

You'll be able to charge your Bee-Bot®(s)® within half a day for approximately 4 hours of normal use. Wall mountable. Not to be sold with Interactive Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots.

Frequently Asked Questions; 1. Why won't my Blue-Bot connect to my tablet? - iOS: Users should not pair the device with Blue-Bot and simply allow the app to connect for you. Apple uses non-standard Bluetooth set up in iPad 1 & 2. Please note: This is not compatible with iPad2. 2. Which versions of iPad can i use? - Apple uses non-standard Bluetooth set up in iPad 1 & 2. Therefore this is only compatible from iPad 3 onwards. Please note: Currently the Blue-Bot app not working on iOS 9. Please Update tablet if possible. 3. My Blue-Bot just moves a short distance but then cuts out. What is the problem? - It is likely that your Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Battery needs replacing after a few years. Replacement Batteries can be found by searching for Product Code: IT10069 - This product contains an online video along with a user manual detailing how to replace. 4. Is the Blue-Bot app GDPR compliant? - No personal data is gathered by the app. With Android, location permissions are required to allow access to Bluetooth. No location data is gathered. 5. Is the Blue-Bot app UK only? - The app should be available in all countries. 5. How many times can you re-charge Bee-Bot? - Approx. 500 times 6. Which versions of iOS does the Bee-Bot Pyramid app support? - Please Note: Currently the Bee-Bot Pyramid app is not compatible with iOS 11.1. We are working on an update.


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