Placa de som PCM2704 - DAC 16 bits para PC ou Raspberry Pi

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USB power supply, analog output directly plugged into the computer's USB port, eliminating the need for wires.

BB's main chip HIFI level PCM2704 USB decoder chip, its performance is better than the market's most popular low-end chip CM102S series, power supply with USB power output can be directly connected to the headset, but also do pre-digital output for more advanced DAC decoder provides SPDIF digital signal for better sound quality. Because it is an external sound card, avoiding the chassis severe electromagnetic interference, signal to noise ratio and sound quality can be improved.

PCM2704 digital-analog converter is a monolithic chip. It has two digital-analog converter output channels and one integrated USB interface controller. Interface complies with USB1.1 standards. PCM2704 can receive 48KHz, 44KHz and 32KHz sampling rate, 16-bit stereo or mono audio data integration software within the chip volume and mute functions, can be synchronized to adjust the volume and mute the computer.




  • Supply voltage : 5 V ( USB )
  • Distortion : THD + N: 0.006% (RL> 10 kΩ)
  • Distortion : THD + N: 0.025% (RL = 32 Ω)
  • SNR : 98 dB; Dynamic range : 98 dB
  • Earphone output power : 12 mW (RL = 32 Ω)
  • Supported Sample Rate : 16Bit 32k, 44.1k, 48k

Package Included:

  • 1x 5V USB Powered PCM2704 MINI USB Sound Card DAC Decoder Board

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