Analisador USB-CAN
  •  Analisador USB-CAN
  •  Analisador USB-CAN
  •  Analisador USB-CAN
  •  Analisador USB-CAN

Analisador USB-CAN

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O analisador USB-CAN é um analisador muito econômico, com este analisador de alta qualidade, confiável e portátil, será muito conveniente para você desenvolver, testar, gerenciar e manter a rede CAN Bus, com capacidade de receber, enviar e analisar dados da rede CAN.

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  • Optimized the conversion protocol, improved conversion efficiency.
  • Saving customized setting automatically.
  • Hex number converts to Decimal number visualized in the software. Decimal number show both value with symbol and without symbol, don’t need to use calculator.
  • Customized receiving ID, easy to debug.
  • Visualized CAN bus status. Convenient for analyze CAN Bus problem.
  • Can be saved as Excel or TXT file.
  • Receiving data can be refreshed and checked in order.


  • Integrated TVS Surge Protection
  • Including 120 ohm matched resistance.


Basic Function

  • Support CAN2.0A(Standard) and CAN2.0B(Expansion)
  • CAN baud rate(5K~1M), customized CAN baud rate.
  • CAN send and receive data with time tag,can show the receiving data in order,can refresh data easily.
  • Data can be sent by single frame, multiple frames, manually, regularly, you can even set a certain time to send.

Enhanced Function

  • Response to data that received from a certain ID.
  • Can check CAN Bus status manually.
  • Can set to receive from the wanting ID directly, without setting filtering ID or shield ID.
  • 4 working mode
  1. Standard Mode: CAN communication
  2. Loop Mode: Self testing, in this mode, the analyzer will send and receive data itself, and also send data to CAN Bus.
  3. Quiet Mode: Only use to monitor CAN Bus without influence.
  4. Loop Quiet Mode: Warm testing
  • Data can be saved as TXT or Excel.
  • Baud rate of virtual COM port can also be modified, default baud rate over 1M, so don’t need to worry about conversion efficiency.

Advanced function

  • All customized setting saved automatically.
  • Easy secondary development,only need to handle 1 command.
  • Transparent Transition function
  • Software supports English



  • For software please click here to download. Please note that this software only applies to Windows.






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