Conversor PS/2 para TTL serie - E1115
  • Conversor PS/2 para TTL serie - E1115

Conversor PS/2 para TTL serie - E1115

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A solução ideal para usar o um teclado PS/2 ou um leitor de cartões magnéticos com um microcontrolador. Com este módulo sempre que pressionar uma tecla obterá um único caracter ASCII numa porta serie TTL do seu microcontrolador.

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    The E1115 PS/2 Keyboard to ASCII Converter is a single chip solution dedicated to producing a single TTL ASCII character on the "press" of a keystroke. It is designed to offload the process intensive complex keyboard decoding of PS/2, allowing the host microcontroller to better allocate its resources. The output is a selectable TTL serial or a clocked serial data with interrupt signal.

    Plug in a PS/2 Keyboard in one end, and you can type away, with 57.6K or 115.2Kbaud (pin-selectable) TTL spit out of the TX pin. This can make adding a UI much easier for many projects where you can't sit around and wait for the interrupts from the keyboard port. New! As of 4/10/13 the module also supports our Magstripe and Barcode PS/2 readersPlease note that we've tested it and it does not work with our PS/2 Touchpad.

    Comes as a ready-to-go pre-soldered and tested module



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