Módulo ethernet W5100

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É uma placa TCP/IP com o chip W5100. A placa incluí um conector RJ-45. Este módulo é uma opção ideal para quem deseja uma solução simples para usar o protocolo TCP/IP no seu projeto.

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It's a breakout board for W5100 embedded TCP/IP chip. Included on the board is an RJ-45 with XFMR connector. It can be used as a component and little effort is required to interface to the W5100. This module is an ideal option for users who want a simple solution to adding TCP/IP capability to their project. To make this W5100 Ethernet Network Module work with SD card module, please read this blog: How to Make W5100 Module Work with SD Card Module?


  • Supports 10/100 Base TX
  • Supports half/full duplex operation
  • Supports auto-negotiation and auto cross-over detection
  • IEEE 802.3/802.3u Compliance
  • Operates 3.3V with 5V I/O signal tolerance
  • Supports network status indicator LEDs
  • Includes Hardware Internet protocols: TCP, IP Ver.4, UDP, ICMP, ARP, PPPoE, IGMP
  • Includes Hardware Ethernet protocols: DLC, MAC
  • Supports 4 independent connections simultaneously
  • Supports MCU bus Interface and SPI Interface
  • Supports Direct/Indirect mode bus access
  • Supports Socket API for easy application programming
  • Temperature : 0 ~ 70℃ (Operation), -40 ~ 85℃ (Storage)


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