Osciloscópio de Bolso 100MHz 500MS/s

81,22 €
preço com IVA incluído

Quantas vezes já se deparou com um circuito que não faz aquilo que era suposto? Pois é, com este prático osciloscópio tornará visível aquilo que até aqui estava escondido.

Com uma largura de banda de 100MHz, 500MS/s de amostragem e como uma bateria de 3000mAh, poderá levá-lo consigo para qualquer lado.

Com este pequeno e económico osciloscópio os circuitos eletrónicos já não terão segredos!



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This is a versatile, highly practical, cost-effective handheld oscilloscope to diagnostic your projects. With real-time sampling rate of up to 500MS/s and 100MHz analog bandwidth and full trigger function (single, normal, automatic), it can be used freely for both periodic analog signals and non-periodic digital signals. The built-in high voltage protection module can withstand up to 400V continuous voltage and 600V peak voltage. Don't worry about the oscilloscope burnout caused by the high voltage not being probed to the 10X position. Large time base scan mode that monitors slow level changes. Equipped with high-efficiency one-button AUTO, the measured waveform can be displayed without complicated adjustment. Display high-definition LCD screen with 2.4inch 320x240 resolution. Extremely convenient and fast waveform storage function, built-in 64MB storage space, can store up to 2000 waveform pictures, the storage process is simple and fast, save the current waveform anytime and anywhere, just one touch, no cumbersome tips and choices, quietly it is very convenient to save the current waveform. Powerful waveform file manager, support for thumbnail browsing, viewing, detail viewing, page turning, deletion and more. Built-in 3000mah high-quality lithium battery, can be used continuously for 8 hours when fully charged. The body is equipped with high-quality silicone protective cover, non-toxic and lead-free environmental protection, anti-skid, anti-shock and shockproof, comprehensive protection of the fuselage, soft texture, feel very comfortable.

Key features:

  1. Intelligent anti-burn,1X Can withstand up to 600V withstand voltage
  2. Afterglow display technology
  3. 2.4 inch color display screen
  4. 100MHz analog bandwidth @ 500MS/s sampling rate(1X = 5MHz,10X = 100MHz)
  5. One-button waveform storage
  6. Built-in 64MB storage space, the maximum storage of 2000 waveform pictures
  7. Powerful waveform file manager, support thumbnail browsing, viewing, details view, flip, delete and other functions
  8. High measurement voltage range, 1X can measure 0 ~ 80 V, 10X can measure 0 ~ 600V
  9. Up to 12 parameters measurement:VPP,VP,Vmax,Vmin,Vavg,Vrms,Frequent,Duty+,Duty-,Time+,Time-,Time
  10. At any time, the waveform display (pause function) is frozen
  11. Equipped with high efficiency One-button AUTO
  12. Complete triggering function (single, normal, automatic)
  13. Built in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery,Fully charged for 8 hours of continuous use
  14. Screen brightness adjustment
  15. Memory compression technology, waveform refresh screen does not flicker
  16. Anti-slip anti-drop silicone sleeve
  17. Ultra small volume, easy to carry


  1. Analog bandwidth: 100MHz
  2. Maximum real time sampling rate: 500MS/s
  3. Vertical sensitivity: 50 mV/div ~ 100 V/div
  4. Horizontal time base range: 50S/div ~ 6nS/div
  5. Maximum test voltage: 80 V (1X probe), 600 V (10X probe)
  6. Storage depth: 128KB
  7. Input resistance: 1Mohm
  8. ADC precision: 8bits
  9. Coupling mode: AC/DC
  10. Trigger mode: Single, Normal, Auto
  11. Trigger edge: Ascending/descending edge
  12. External trigger voltage 0-80 V
  13. Display: 2.4inch - 320x240
  14. Power supply: 3000mAh lithium battery
  15. Size: 114x74x33mm 
  16. Weight: 250g



Sample Waves


Package content:

  • 1 x oscilloscope host
  • 1 x Matching 100MHz probe (1X and 10X)
  • 1 x Micro USB data line
  • 1 x User manual (English)
  • 1 x High quality package

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