Osciloscópio Digital USB 25MHz 2 Canais - UTD2025CL

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O osciloscópio série UTD2000CL é um osciloscópio digital de bancada económico, que atende às necessidades de medições básicas. O design simples e claro do painel frontal oferece operações convenientes para os usuários.



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The UTD2000L series desktop digital storage oscilloscope offers 2 channels and a sampling rate of 250 MS/s, which is sufficient enough for 25 MHz bandwidth. With USB OTG, you can store the measured values on a USB flash drive. A simple front panel with clearly labeled functions for basic operations, scale and location of individual channels allows you to use habits while using traditional tools, so you can use the device without having to learn anything, or work with it for a long time.

Model UTD2025CL
Bandwidth 25MHz
Channels 2
Sampling rate 250MS/s
Rise time <14ns
Memory depth 25kpts
Waveform capture rate >2, 000wfms/s
Vertical scale (V/div) 1mV/div〜20V/div
Time base scale (s/div) 10ns/div〜50s/div
Storage methods Setup, waveform, bitmap


Trigger specifications
Frequency counter 6 bits
Trigger types Edge, pulse width, video, alternate
Level range Internal ±8div from screen center
Holdoff range 80ns〜1.5s
Edge trigger types Rise, fall, rise & fall
Interfaces Pass/Fail (UTD2025CL), USB-OTG


General Characteristics
Power 100V〜240V ACrms, 50Hz/60Hz
Display 7-inch TFT LCD, WVGA (400x240)
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 2.2kg
Product size 306mm x 147mm x 122mm
Standard accessories Probe x 2 (1x, 10x switchable), power cord, USB interface cable, PC software CD
Standard individual packing Carton box
Standard quantity per carton 2pcs
Standard carton measurement 450mm x 420mm x 280mm
Standard carton gross weight 7.1kg




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