Ficha Powercon In 3 Pinos – SPEAKON
  • Ficha Powercon In 3 Pinos – SPEAKON
  • Ficha Powercon In 3 Pinos – SPEAKON

Ficha Powercon In 3 Pinos – NEUTRIK

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Chassis connector, power-in, 3/16'' flat tab terminals, blue


The powerCON is a locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. It replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection.


Attention: The powerCON is a connector without breaking capacity, i.e. the powerCON should not be connected or disconnected under load or live!


Features & Benefits


  • Locking 20 A / 250 V ac appliance coupler
  • 3 contacts for line, neutral and premating safety ground
  • Power-in (blue) and power-out (grey) versions with different keying to avoid the possibility of intermating
  • Fast and easy twist lock latching system
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • Ergonomic design
  • User friendly latch design for easy handling
  • UL, cUL recognized components
    VDE certified
  • Branded with unique hologram - guarantees genuine and authentic Neutrik product