Shield Ultimaker RAMPS 1.57 para Arduino MEGA

25,89 €

A Ramps Ultimaker 1.5.7 é uma shield para o  Arduino Mega, projectado para as impressoras DIY 3D e possui excelentes especificações que não encontra nas placas compatíveis com RAMPS, possuí como opções de maior tensão de entrada e de potência.

Permite controlar até 5 motores de passo e compatível com os drivers de motor de passo da Pololu.


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The Ultimaker 1.5.7 board is an Arduino Mega shield, geared for the DIY 3D printer market and has some great features not found on the RAMPS compatible boards such as higher input voltage ability and power connectivity options.

The Ultimaker is an all-in-one design to fit the necessary components for a 3D printer into one plug in shield for an Arduino MEGA. All the essential 3D printer connections are brought out to JST style connectors for easy of connectivity, and the plug in shield design includes plug in sockets for stepper drivers and extruder control electronics. This plug in modular design makes for easy service, part replacement, upgrade-ability and expansion.

Ramps compatible boards are the heart of most DIY 3D printers on the market and a nice clean, compact way to integrate all the systems into a compact enclosure mountable format.

WikiPage Ultimaker's v1.5.7 PCB

• Arduino Mega Shield
• Plug in all motors with simple 4-way JST connectors.
• Made for Ultimaker's UltiStepper Driver.
• Compatible with Pololu stepper driver boards.
• Controls up to 5 stepper motors (3 for the X, Y and Z axis one for an extruder (the "E axis"),
• optionally you can add another axis by adding a Pololu stepper driver.
• 3x 55 Amp MOSFETs outputs (with LED indicators. Actual current capability limited by PCB and connectors)
• All pins are broken out for maximum extensibility
• Runs from 15V to 19V.
• Three thermocouple inputs, or thermistor inputs. The 100K thermistor is recommended.
• Has an IDC header for adding an LCD panel
• A toggle-switch for powering up/down the board
• Easier to wire up thermocouples
• Includes a 12V regulator for an (always on) fan to cool the electronics.
• A PWM output with power for LED arrays and other lighting
• LCD backlight dimming can now be software controlled
• A serial I/O header for Bluetooth and Ethernet add-ons.

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.




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