Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A
  • Bot'n Roll ONE A

Bot n Roll ONE A Robotics Kit


The Bot'n Roll ONE A is the new educational robotic kit®compatible with Arduino™.


Bot'n Roll ONE A


Bot'n Roll ONE A


Bot'n Roll ONE A


Bot’n Roll ONE A Arduíno™ compatible is an Open Source didactic product, that is intended for all those who wish to start in the world of mobile robotics despite not having much knowledge about electronics or computers.

The assembly of this robot allows the first steps with some of the most common electronic components. The brief introduction to the basic components and explanation of some concepts along the Assembling Manual allow a very enriching introductory approach that complements the electronic components assembling.

Those who wish to get started in robotics find in Bot'n Roll ONE A the ideal tool that allows them to assemble a robot while not having the basic knowledge.

Teachers will find in Bot'n Roll ONE A a working tool able to assist them in imparting knowledge to their students. From electronic to programming, this robot allows the study of a wide range of concepts in a very practical perspective.

The most experienced will find this robotic kit an interesting challenge.


Bot'n Roll ONE A


Bot'n Roll ONE A has two micro-controllers, one ATmega328 running at 16MHz, programmable in C language with Arduíno™ IDE (that is similar to an Arduino™ UNO) and one PIC18F45K22 running at 80MHz programmable in C with Microchip® MPLABX® (supplied with firmware developed by A library for the Arduino IDE specifically developed by allows interaction between the two microcontrollers that communicate by SPI.

The robot is programmed using Arduíno™ IDE software which is freeware and easy to use.

A wide range of components can be integrated in Bot'n Roll ONE A and thus increasing its functionalities. Compatible with Arduino™ shields as wireless XBee, Bluetooth or RF, GPS, GPRS, line follower, sonar, compass, sensors and I2C devices, encoders can be added to this robot and the limit is your imagination!

On its basic version, Bot'n Roll ONE A includes an 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display and three push buttons for interaction with the user. Infra-red obstacles detection with proximity indication ranging from 0 to 25. Has two debug LEDs, buzzer, I2C and SPI communication bus, servo motor, line follower, and encoder connections, a robust acrylic platform, two powerful DC motors, and others.


Bot'n Roll ONE A

Main Features


  • Micro-controllers: 1 ATmega328 + 1 PIC18F45K22
  • Voltage range: 7V to 15V DC
  • Digital I/O's: 14 (6 PWM channels)
  • Analogue inputs: 6 (ATmega328) + 8 (PIC18F45K22)
  • Exclusive servo motor outputs: 2 (PIC18F45K22)
  • Encoder inputs: 2 (PIC18F45K22)
  • I2C communication connectors: 4 (ATmega328)
  • USB connector: 1 (ATmega328)
  • LCD: Alphanumeric 2x16 with adjustable contrast and brightness
  • Push buttons: 3
  • Obstacle sensors: 2 with proximity indication ranging from 0 to 25
  • Debug LED´s: 2
  • Buzzer: 1 (ATmega328)
  • Motors: 2 12VDC 250rpm motors (PIC18F45K22)
  • Traction wheels: 2 with plastic body and rubber coated
  • Support wheel: 1 built in plastic and allows adjustment of the robot’s inclination
  • Battery: 1 12V 1300mAh Ni-MH AA rechargeable
  • Battery charger: 1
  • ON/OFF switch: 1
  • Reset button: 1
  • Dimensions: 205 x 192 x 85 (mm)
  • Weight: 1050g
  • Battery voltage measurement circuit
  • Over-current protection by a 4A slow blow fuse
  • Allows the inclusion of a dedicated voltage regulator to power the servos


Bot'n Roll ONE A is the official robot for RoboParty® ( and can be used in RoboCup® junior ( competitions (rescue, junior soccer and dance).



Assembling the robot

Bot'n Roll ONE A

Bot'n Roll ONE A is supplied in parts to be assembled by the user in accordance to the Assembling Manual that details all the process step by step. Introductory notes on components, their operation and function in the robot are presented throughout the manual making assembly of the robot a very constructive learning experience.

To assemble the robot you must follow these steps:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electronics assembly
  • Electrical wiring and testing


Bot'n Roll ONE A

Mechanical assembly consists of placing the motors in the acrylic base and connecting the wheels to the motors.


Bot'n Roll ONE A

During the electronic assembly all the electronic components are soldered to the printed circuit board.

Electrical wiring of motors and battery to the robot board are the last stage of the assembly process. To finalize carry out some tests to assure everything is functional. A troubleshooting procedure helps identify and solve potential problems in the electronics assembly.



Connecting to computer and programming


Bot'n Roll ONE A

Before programming the robot you must install the VCP (Virtual COM Port) driver for the USB comunication with your computer.

Arduino™ IDE is the programming environment and the installation of BnrOneA library for Arduino™ IDE is necessary before programming Bot'n Roll ONE A. The procedures for installing the VCP driver and BnrOneA library are described in the Assembling Manual.

Sample programs provided with the BnrOneA library allow you to test all hardware and features of Bot'n Roll ONE A. Use these small examples to code your own programs so your robot perform the tasks you need!

An introduction to the Arduino™ IDE programming environment is presented in the Software Manual as well as the specification off all functions from BnrOneA library for Arduino™.

Reference to Arduino C language can be found here.




Bot'n Roll ONE A

Acessórios Extra Extra Garra Extra Busca Salvamento


A wide range of components can be integrated into Bot'n Roll ONE A and increase its functionalities. Arduino™ compatible shields such as wireless XBee, Bluetooth or RF, GPS, GPRS, line follower, sonar, compass, sensors, I2C devices, encoders can be added to your Bot'n Roll ONE A! In the Extras Assembly Manual you find a detailed description of some of these components.

Check Bot'n Roll ONE A manuals for detailed information about the robot!

If you have any questions don't hesitate contacting us! We will be glad talking to you about our products.





Bot'n roll ONE A and all add-ons can be acquired in our online store!





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