EXTRA "G" - Claw
  • EXTRA "G" - Claw
  • EXTRA "G" - Claw

EXTRA "G" - Claw


EXTRA ‘G’ripper with 2 servos and support
Bot’n Roll Gripper w/ servo + Servo w/ support
All assemble parts included



The “G”ripper extra enables interaction between the robot and surrounding objects, being able to pick up and carry them. The Bot'n Roll Gripper was specially designed by Bot'n Roll for robotic applications, it is a robust and very light, with an opening of over 180 ° allowing embracing objects with diameters between 47mm and 110mm which uses two 69mm clamps. This gripper opens/closes very fast, in less than 1 second.

It is ready to use since it comes fully assembled and with a servo included. This add-on also has a metal bracket with a servo that allows the rapid implementation of the robot gripper.


The following video shows an application of the “G”ripper Extra on a Bot’n Roll ONE C, and it includes the fixing support and two servos: http://youtu.be/_4Sm2-LDGIw



Composition of Extra G

1un Bot’n Roll Gripper Gripper designed by Bot’n Roll
1un Middle Servo Servo on the gripper (Allows open/close gripper)
1un Standard Servo Servo for support (allows gripper up/down)
1un U Support Support to allow gripper up/down movement
1un Standard Support Support to fix the system to the robot
1un Accessories Accessories for connecting/fixing the gripper and servos