Extra "B" Rescue - Bot'n roll ONE A
  • Extra "B" Rescue - Bot'n roll ONE A
  • Extra "B" Rescue - Bot'n roll ONE A
  • Extra "B" Rescue - Bot'n roll ONE A

Extra "B" Search Rescue - Bot'n roll ONE A


EXTRA ‘B’ (Rescue)
Sonar+ kit Pan&Tilt with 2 servos and parts
All assemble parts included.



The “B”(Rescue) extra enables the use of a sonar system together with a Pan & Tilt guide that allows multiple sonar directions. Through this sonar it is possible to determine how far an object. The Pan & Tilt kit includes two servos and a two brackets system as well as all accessories required for fixing. The sonar can either be attached directly to the Pan & Tilt kit as well as be applied separately using the Pan & Tilt system for other purposes.


Composition of Extra B



1un HC-SR04 Sonar 2cm to 400cm range Sonar
1un Signals/Power cable Cable already soldered on Sonar
1un Fixing Accessories Set of fixing features for kit Pan&Tilt




1un Servo1: Pan Servo
1un Servo 2: Tilt Servo
1un Pan&Tilt Supports Two supports and accessories for Pan&Tilt
1un Pan&Tilt fixing System Fixing system kit for Pan&Tilt to apply to the robot
1un Sonar fixing system System for fixing the sonar to the Pan&Tilt kit
1un Servos accessories servos accessories to be used on others applications





Download (78.74k)