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GPIO Expansion to push terminals for Raspberry Pi


Multifunction Extended Expension Board GPIO for Raspberry Pi B+ 3 and 2 Model B


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Board Multifunctional Cascade Expansion Extension Board is used for extending the GPIO pins. This board gives high reliability with raspberry pi.

This module is used to extend the 40 GPIO pins of the Raspberry to another set of 2×20 pins and 8 pins in parallel accessible in the terminal blocks in which test leads are pushed. The electronic chart offers great reliability with the Raspberry and is very easy to connect thanks to its existing accessories but not included.

The module offers a set of mini bridges to configure the GPIO. The press to release the two terminal blocks of 20 connections is very easy to use.

Characteristics :

– Communication connections: 1 TXD0 (broadcast) and 1 RXD0 (reception)
– Power connections: 5 of 3.3V, 2 of 5V and 5 of GND
– Pulse width modulation (PWM) connections: 2
– GPIO connections: 11
– PCM audio connections: 3
– Connections with clock (CLK): 2
– Peripheral serial bus interface (SPI) connections: 1
– Input master / slave output connections (MISO): 1
– Connections system validation chip (SCE): 2
– I2C port connections: 8 (SDA, SCL, GOUI, EDAT, MOSI)




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