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T-TWR Plus: ESP32-S3 with Radio SA868 UHF 400-480Mhz, L76K GNSS, 1.3 inch OLED, 21700 Bat Holder - LILYGO® H632


T-TWR Plus is the ultimate development board for ambitious tech-enthusiasts. This board can achieve Walkie-Talkie functionality With integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a SA868 Wireless Transceiver. 
It also includes an OLED Display and GPS for precise location tracking. Unleash the potential of T-TWR Plus and make your tech dreams come true.

You can find the battery for this module here: BAT03019


If you have any questions on this product please feel free to contact us.

*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.


More info and updated documentation on LilyGo product page (UHF 400-480Mhz [H632])



Flash 16MB
Wireless protocol Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 (LE)
Onboard functions 4 Buttons (PPT+Boot + PWR + Reset),
PMU AXP2102, TF Card function, WS2812 RGB LED
Supply Mode USB / 21700 battery / 18650 battery + spring
L76K GNSS Module Support GPS, BDS, GLONASS
Built-in LNA, SAW Filter, Support AGNSS and 1PPS
 1.3 inch SH1106 OLED
Resolution 128x 64
I2C Interface SDA--IO08 SCL--IO09
Display Color  2



Sample Code For Reference [Github]

If you need technical support please check the below link to find more details

  1. T-TWR Plus (LILYGO)



Other Support

  1. SoftRF Ham Edition
  2. OpenRTX for T-TWR Plus
  3. ESP32APRS
  4. ArcticTracker


Pin Diagram


UHF 400-480MHz

  • 1 X T-TWR Plus UHF
  • 1 X U band antenna: 400-480MHz
  • 2 X (1 * 15pin 2.54mm)
  • 1 X 4pin 2.54 Dupont cable 1.0mm connector
  • 1 X Spring

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