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21700 LI-ION BATTERY 3.7V 4800mah


With its compact size and low weight (71g), it is perfectly suited as a spare battery, for example for emergencies or long-term activities.


Product sold individually.


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High quality 21700 Li-ion battery with 4800mah capacity


- Rated capacity: 4800mAh;
- Rated voltage: 3.7V
- Full load voltage: 4.2 In
- AC internal resistance, impact 1 kHz: 12-18mΩ
- Total discharge voltage: 2.5 V.
- Maximum charging current 4.5a 1C
- Maximum discharge current - 15a 3C
- AC internal resistance, impact 1 kHz: 12-18mΩ
- Weight approx. 72gr-Measurements 70mm x21mm
- Rechargeable up to 1,000 Times

Package content:

1x 21700 4800mAh 3.7V battery


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