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T4-S3 ESP32-S3R8 Touch Screen 2.41-inch SPI RGB AMOLED - LILYGO® H678


In the realm of microcontroller development boards, the LILYGO T4-S3 stands out with its unique combination of a 2.41-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and the powerful ESP32-S3R8 microcontroller. This board is not just another entry in the ESP32-S3 lineup; it distinguishes itself with a display that boasts brighter colours and higher contrast than the typical TFT screens.

The T4-S3 is part of LILYGO's continued efforts to integrate AMOLED technology into their products, following the T-Track and T-Display-S3 AMOLED boards. However, the T4-S3 sets a new standard with its larger screen size, touchscreen functionality, and aspect ratio, broadening its potential for various Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications.


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More info and updated documentation on LilyGo product page (T4 S3 Basic [H678])



MCU ESP32-S3R8 Dual-core LX7 microprocessor
Wireless Connectivity 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 (LE)
Development Arduino, PlatformIO-IDE, Micropython
Flash 16MB
Language C, C++, Lua
Onboard functions Boot Button + Reset + Micro SD
 2.41-inch SPI RGB AMOLED
Active Area 36.2*48.96mm
Brightness 800cd/m
Resolution 450(W) x RGB x 600(H)
Interface QSPI

Sample Code For Reference [Github]

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T4 S3


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