T-Display TTGO ESP32 4MB (Not Solder Headers) w/ 1.14 Display USB C - LILYGO® Q224


Compatible with arduino IDE 4MB and driver CH9102



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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.


1. Easy to Use: 1.14 inch colorful LCD display equipped to meet your requirements; Simple installation and operation ensured.

2. Low Power Consumption: Efficient and energy-saving design; Battery powered charging circuit added.

3. Practical, Convenient: Designed with customized button to bring you more convenience in actual use.

4. Wide Application: It can be used for Arduino and for IOT; Sustainable for long time use.

5. Long Service Life: To reach a time-proof long-lasting lifespan, we used top-rated rugged and durable raw material for this board.



  • Item:TT-GO T-Display ESP32 WiFi for Bluetooth Dual Module
  • Color:Black
  • Display:1.14 inch colorful LCD display
  • Application:For Arduino, for IOT
  • Voltage:3.7V






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