TTGO LoRa V1.0 ESP32 SX1276 868MHz w/ driver CH9102 - LILYGO® Q178


The main chip using Lexin ESP32, Tensilica LX6 dual-core processor, clocked at 240MHz

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    Operating voltage: 3.3 – 7 V

    Operating temperature range: -40 to 90°C (-40 to 194°F)

    Support for Sniffer software protocol analysis, Station, SoftAP, and Wi-Fi Direct modes

    Data rates: 150 Mbps @ 11n HT40, 72 Mbps @ 11n HT20, 54 Mbps @ 11g, 11 Mbps @ 11b

    Transmit power: 19.5 dBm @ 11b, 16.5 dBm @ 11g, 15.5 dBm @ 11n

    Receiver sensitivity up to -98 dBm

    UDP sustained throughput: 135 Mbps




- The 868/915 MHz antenna needs to be connected with the IPEX interface.

- When the battery is full, the blue LED will stop working.

- When using, pay attention to “+” and “-” of the battery.

- With the IO port touchscreen Touch signal input, you need to add the 100nF pull-down capacitor to this pin.

- Red light: power indicator

- Blue light: IO25 programmable control

Reminder: This product does not include the battery.




Codes and more info:


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