Robot DOC Clementoni

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DOC will accompany the child as they learn: - helps develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills; - teaches letters, numbers, colours and the names of animals.

With the robot they will learn as they play at programming commands. DOC is the first ever game that brings children closer to Educational Robotics in a fun and creative way

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Discover the new way to learn with DOC! The initiation to robotics in the first years of the child allows to develop diverse learning and abilities related to creativity, imagination and logical-mathematical thinking, for example. You can also work on spatial orientation, notions of laterality, sequences and narratives. So you can use the robot in a variety of learning contexts!

With this Robot Children develop:

• Logical and Observation Capabilities;
• Knowledge and Understanding of the World;
• Memory and Autonomy;
• Vocabulary;
• Creativity and Fantasy;
• Sociability.

The Robot Ideal for:

This robot is a key tool not only for the introduction to programming as well as for the stimulation of spatial intelligence.



There are two play mats. In the Educational Mat, you can program paths between letters and animals. In turn, on the Game Carpet, you have the opportunity to collect objects while exploring the city! You can then test capabilities through complex paths and various obstacles.





The child programs the course using the buttons on the robot's head. Thus, by pressing the OK button, the robot will move according to the defined programming.



Doc interacts with players and recognizes the correct course.



Playing together helps develop social skills.


Accurate Movements

The DOC moves along the mat accurately.



• 26x Game Cards;
• 16x Double-sided Directional Cards;
• 1x Double Face Maxi Modular Mat.

Dimensions of the box: 42x28x9,5 cm.

Recommended age: +4 years.

Power: 3 AA batteries are required, however, they are not included.





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