Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer for Arduino


Powerful 6-axis sensor combines accelerometer and gyroscope. Allows to determine the position of an object in space, measuring acceleration and angular velocity.

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This module integrates high-precision gyroscopes, accelerometer, microprocessor of high-performance and advanced dynamics solves and Kalman filter algorithms that aim to quickly solve the current real-time movement of the module attitude. The use of advanced digital filtering technology can effectively reduce measurement noise and improve accuracy.

The module comes with built-in gesture solver that can get accurate attitude in dynamic environment combining with dynamic Kalman filter algorithm. Its static measurement accuracy is up to 0.05 degree(dynamic 0.1) with high stability, which could bring better performance even than some professional Inclinometers!

There is a voltage stabilizer circuit inside the module. The product should be operated at 3.3~5V and its pin level is compatible with 3.3/5V embedded systems. It employs TTL interface for connection. In addition, the module supports adjustable 2400bps~921600bps baud rate and 0.1Hz~200Hz data output.

Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer for Arduino




  1. Voltage: 3.3V~5V
  2. Current: <40mA
  3. Size: 51.3*36*10mm
  4. Measuring Dimension: acceleration: 3D; angular velocity: 3D; attitude angle: 3D
  5. Range: acceleration: ±2/4/8/16g(optional); angular velocity: ±250/500/1000/2000°/s (Optional); attitude angle: ±180°   




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  1. Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer x1
  2. Wire x1

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