MMA7660 Acceleration Module


MMA7660FC ± 1.5 g 3-axis digital output accelerometer 3-axis accelerometer


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MMA7660 acceleration module

  1. Triaxial accelerometer module MMA7660 acceleration module digital module
  2. The module is compatible with the 3-5V level
  3. Means of communication IIC
  4. Power supply 3-5V
  5. PCB size: 21mm multiplied by 14mm
  6. Module pin VCC GND SCL SDA INT pin

The MMA7660FC ± 1.5 g 3-axis digital output accelerometer taking into account that this is a very low power consumption, low profile sensor has a capacitive MEMS low-pass filter, compensation for 0g offset and gain errors, and converted to 6-bit per second user-configurable digital sample value, the device can be used for sensor data changes, product positioning, and gesture detection through an interrupt pin (INT) the device is mounted in a small 3mm x 3mm x0.9mm DFN packaging.



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