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Lark - Portable Educational Weather Station (Compatible with Arduino, Rasp, micro:bit, ESP32) - DFRobot EDU0157-EN


Lark Weather Station is an exceptionally compact weather station that provides key weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. It incorporates high-quality sensors internally to ensure precise and stable data, making it suitable for meteorological research. The data output from Lark is in standard physical quantities, which can be read and processed using controllers like Arduino or directly recorded into its own 16M storage space. The Lark adopts a modular shell design, allowing for the expansion of additional sensors to collect a wider range of meteorological data, meeting diverse user needs for weather exploration.

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The Lark Weather Station is a comprehensive solution for precise atmospheric data collection. This weather station simplifies the process of measurement and recording key weather elements such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Features include support for real-time communication and compatibility with popular controllers like micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and Unihiker development boards. It also boasts built-in storage space, a compact size for easy storage, and a universal tripod interface. It's an ideal tool for educators, students, and researchers in meteorological studies.


Why Choose Lark Weather Station?

The Earth's atmosphere is a dynamic and intricate system influenced by various factors, with wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and air pressure being pivotal. A comprehensive understanding of atmospheric movement necessitates precise detection and recording of these elements. Traditionally, acquiring meteorological data involved a cumbersome process of integrating multiple sensors, requiring time-consuming wiring, programming, debugging, and assembly. This posed significant challenges for educators and students interested in meteorological research. Moreover, existing commercial weather stations are often specialized weather monitoring equipment that cannot be developed twice and lack adaptability, thus falling short in meeting the diverse needs of research. The portable Lark weather station addresses these issues.


Five-Element Measurement

The Lark Weather Station is an all-in-one tool for capturing accurate, real-time meteorological data across five key parameters, ensuring comprehensive weather monitoring with ease and precision.

Five-Element Measurement


Supports Real-Time Communication

The Lark Weather Station offers real-time data output with support for both UART and I2C communication modes, the data output includes physical units, making it directly understandable and usable for users.



Compatible with Popular Controllers

The Lark Weather Station connectivity with popular controllers like micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and Unihiker , the controller gets the data and can perform more logical actions, such as closing windows or even predicting the weather. Real-time data can also be viewed by connecting to the  Gravity: Science Data Acquisition Module.



Built-In Storage Space

The Lark Weather Station comes with a built-in 16M storage space, capable of storing 160 days of data at a recording rate of once per minute, with easy data export via a Type-C interface.



Compact Size, Easy to Store

The Lark Weather Station, with its compact size akin to a coke can, offers portability and ease of placement, its detachable wind vane design is very convenient for storage. Suitable for desktop placement during classroom teaching and for carrying around during outdoor explorations.



Modular Universal Tripod Interface

Equipped with a 1/4-inch standard threaded port at the bottom, the weather station enables the use of tripods of different sizes to suit various teaching scenarios.



Strong Waterproof Performance

The Lark Weather Station boasts a circuit board sprayed with a waterproof protective coating, offering an upgraded level of water resistance. Its all-metal body ensures sturdiness and durability.

Note: Due to the presence of the Type-C and Gravity communication interfaces at the bottom of the Lark Weather Instrument, please take precautions to prevent rainwater from entering these two ports during outdoor use.





How to Use

  1. Real-time Data Viewing: Connect the SCI acquisition module, which can automatically identify the Lark Weather Station. The SCI DAQ module displays the Lark Weather Station's data on the screen, turning it into a handheld weather instrument for real-time monitoring of meteorological data.

  2. Standalone Deployment: Connect to a 5V power source or adapter, and the Lark Weather Station will automatically commence data collection and recording. By default, it collects and stores data every 30 seconds. After collection, you can connect the weather station to a computer to export the data. The data is saved in CSV table format, allowing you to quickly plot data curves and facilitate further analysis for expeditious completion of meteorological exploration experiments.

  3. Integration with Controllers: Connect the Lark Weather Station module to Arduino or other controllers, enabling rapid acquisition of meteorological data through programming. With the ability to customize Arduino programs, you gain flexibility in utilizing meteorological data, providing limitless possibilities for various applications. For instance, you can connect it to controllers with WiFi capabilities, such as the UNIHIKER board, to create an online digital weather station.



Compatibility of Lark Weather Station



  1. Portable Weather Instrument: Connects to the Gravity: Science Data Acquisition (SCI DAQ) Module, enabling real-time viewing of meteorological data without programming

  2. Local Weather Station: Independently deploy the Lark Weather Station for local meteorological data collection.

  3. Online Digital Weather Station: When combined with WiFi modules or UNIHIKER, it can effortlessly create an IoT-enabled online digital weather station.



  1. Working Voltage: 3.3~5.5V DC

  2. Working Current: 40mA

  3. Sleep Current: 2mA

  4. Communication Mode: I2C/UART

  5. Wind Speed: 0.5~12m/s

  6. Wind Direction: Eight directions

  7. Temperature: -20~60℃ ±0.2℃

  8. Humidity: 0~99%RH ±2%RH

  9. Air Pressure: 300~1100hPa ±1Pa

  10. USB Disk: 16M

  11. Main Body Size: 160x55mm

  12. Main Body Weight: 270g




Shipping List

  1. Lark Weather Station Main Unit x1

  2. Type-C/Micro USB Dual-Purpose Data Cable x1

  3. Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor Connection Cable x1

  4. Adjustable Desktop Tripod x1

  5. User Manual x1




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