3 Brush set 180mm - EXTOL


Wide selection of hand-held wire brushes with a wooden or plastic handle with nylon, steel, reinforced steel wires designed for versatile use such as cleaning surfaces and materials, removing dirt, rust and tough coatings, etc.


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Methods of use by wire type:

1) Nylon wire: It has a long life, suitable in cases where you do not want to damage or scratch the cleaned material

2) Steel wire: versatile use, especially for removing heavy deposits, welding, abrasion, etc.

3) Steel wire rope: for light surface treatment and deburring

4) brass wire: for use on copper, brass and in places where there is a risk of fire or explosion, brass wires do not cause sparks

5) Stainless wire: In cases where unwanted traces of iron from ordinary steel brushes are for example for machining stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals

Dimensions: 180 mm Wire length: 16mm

Diameter: 0.5mm nylon, 0.16mm brass and stainless steel

Handle made of solvent-resistant materials Material: MOSAZ, Fe, NYLON


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