BOSON Science Design Kit (with 12 tutorials)


The BOSON Start Design Kit contains 12 tutorials that will help children understand more about physics, science and engineering.

Note: Batteries not included.


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Boson Science Design Kit, aimed at 8~10 years old kids, combines physical science and engineering design knowledge in one kit. The carefully designed 7 scientific experiments and 5 engineering projects would let students learn scientific principles in practice by applying BOSON modules into actual applications.

During the engineering project design, students will be asked to use BOSON light, sound, and motion modules to make creative projects like “fridge door-closing reminders”, “solar oven” and so on. In scientific experiments, they will get to know some physical sciences, for instance, use BOSON temperature sensor to explore “how to make your living room comfortable?” so as to understand the principle of energy transfer.


EP05 Why Is It Summer After Spring, not Winter?


EP 08 Solar Oven

Refer to NGSS curriculum standard, the course catalog and field distribution are shown below:


Catalog Field Field Distribution Chart
Lesson 1 Why Are Electrical Wires Covered in Plastic?
Physical Science
Engineering Design
Boson Science Design Kit Tutorial
Lesson 2 How to Make Your Living Room Comfortable?    
Lesson 3 What Is a Car Sunshade?  
Lesson 4 Why Does the Moon Shine at Night?
Earth & Space Science
Engineering Design
Lesson 5 Why Is It Summer After Spring, not Winter?  
Lesson 6 Why Do Very Few Plants Grow in the Desert?
Life Science
Engineering Design
Lesson 7 How Does the Water Cycle Work?
Physical Science
Engineering Design
Earth & Space Science
Lesson 8 Solar Oven
Physical Science
Engineering Design
Lesson 9 Fridge Door-closing Reminder  
Lesson 10 Automatic Plants Fill Light
Physical Science
Life Science
Engineering Design
Lesson 11 Automatic Watering System
Life Science
Engineering Design
Lesson 12 Anti-Theft Alarm
Physical Science
Engineering Design



  1. Package dimension: 60 x 220 x 300 (mm)

  2. Weight:990g




Shipping List

  1. Yellow Push Button x1

  2. Soil Moisture Sensor x1

  3. Light Sensor x1

  4. Temperature Sensor x1

  5. Fan Module x1

  6. Ultra-Bright LED x1

  7. Buzzer Module x1

  8. Display Module x1

  9. Logic Module - NOT x1

  10. Logic Module - AND x1

  11. Logic Module - OR x1

  12. Threshold Module x1

  13. Mainboard-1IO x1

  14. 3xAAA Battery Holder x1

  15. Cable 5cm x5

  16. Cable10cm x10

  17. Cable 20cm x5

  18. Velcro Pack x1

  19. Screws Pack x1

  20. Boson Micro USB Cable x1


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