Single Axis Solar Tracking Module


1-axis solar follower motor controller


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Voltage: 5-5.5VDC
Current: <1.5A
Interface: Power + - Motor M
Principle: Use an obstruction on the photoresistor. When the light strikes the obstruction to form a shadow, and the light on one side forms a difference with the other side, the motor is controlled to find the balance point, that is, the center of the light source.
Line length: 15CM


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Wiring instructions
Hot Solar Powered Automatic Tracker Solar Tracking Sensor Module Circuit Board Single
The power supply uses a 5 to 5.5V DC power supply with a current of less than 1.5A.
The slower the speed, the better. When the power supply is 5V, the load is not heavy and the speed is stable. If the motor speed is too fast, it may cause the motor to align with the center of the light source, but swings left and right, but does not shake. This circuit uses a short delay of anti-shake.
When the motor and the board are connected, the positive and negative poles are not divided. When the motor is found to rotate in the opposite direction to the light source, the motor line can be changed.
The power supply must be regulated to 5-5.5V and cannot be directly connected to the solar panel.
Solar Tracking Module Automatic Tracker Single Axis Solar Tracking Module Search
As shown in the figure, the photosensitive probe is on the same plane, and the small solar panel seat shade is used above. When the light intensity of the left probe is greater than the right side, the motor turns left until the two probes balance the value. The size of the shade is related to the angular accuracy of the light source. It's best to cover both probes at the same time. The tracking angle accuracy is related to the probe placement position, angle, and shade size.

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