4-Wire Slot Type Photoelectric Switch 10~30V


This 4-wire slot type photoelectric switch integrates an optical transceiver module, providing stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. Power it at 10-30V. The detection range of the module is the slot width, which is 5mm. There is an indicator onboard for feeding back device status in real-time.


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The 4-wire interfaces of the module can be freely switched between normally open and closed status. Also, it comes with protection mechanisms like short-circuit protection, overload protection, and reverse connection. This product is well suitable for distinguishing transparent objects, detecting high-speeding moving things, or counting materials, etc.

4-Wire Slot Type Photoelectric Switch



  • Power Supply: DC10-30V
  • Detection Distance: 5MM (Slot width)
  • Output Mode: PNP (4-wire connector)
  • Connection Mode:Brown line-positive pole,Blue line-negative pole, Black line- normally closed output,White line-normally open output
  • Switch Frequency: 500hz
  • Response Time: <1.5ms
  • Protection Mechanism: short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse connection protection
  • Protection Level: IP50
  • Size: 26.2*25*7mm/1.03*0.98*0.28”


Shipping List

  • 4-Wire Slot Type Photoelectric Switch x1

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