VL6180 Time-of-Flight (ToF) 50cm Laser Ranging Built-in MCU Algorithm i2c / UART / MODBUS - TOF050F


The latest product based on ST’s patented FlightSense™ technology. This is a ground-breaking technology allowing absolute distance to be measured independent of target reflectance. Instead of estimating the distance by measuring the amount of light reflected back from the object (which is significantly influenced by color and surface), precisely measures the time the light takes to travel to the nearest object and reflect back to the sensor (Time-of-Flight). Combining an IR emitter and a range sensor in a two-in-one ready-to-use reflowable package.


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

Package content:

  • 1x conection cable
  • 1x transparent case
  • 4x nylon spacers
  • 1x sensor TOF050F/VL6180


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