ESP32-DevKitC is a low-footprint and entry-level development board that is part of the ESP32 series nased on ESP-WROOM-32E. This board has a rich peripheral set. The built-in ESP32 pinout is optimized for hassle-free prototyping!


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Jump right into what matters - start prototyping with the latest SoC of espressif, the ESP32. ESP32-DevKitC-32E is a low-footprint, minimal system development board which is powered by the ESP-WROOM-32E module and can be easily adjusted to a breadboard.

ESP32-DevKitC V4 with ESP-WROOM-32 module soldered

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

This minimum-system development board is powered by an ESP32 module. It integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, and provides a rich peripheral set for rapid prototyping!


Breadboard-Friendly Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

The ESP32-DevKitC-32Epinout is optimized to enable prototyping on a breadboard. The on-board LDO output is led out for powering up additional off-board electronics. Peripheral outputs are grouped together for hassle-free prototyping.

Flexible and Feature-Rich

The ESP32-DevKitC-32E contains the entire basic support circuitry for the ESP-WROOM-32E, including the USB-UART bridge, reset- and boot-mode buttons, LDO regulator and a micro-USB connector. Every important GPIO is available to the developer.


Rapid Prototyping

Get right into application design and development without worrying about RF performance and antenna design. The ESP32-DevKitC-32D has your basic system requirements already covered. Just plug in the USB cable and you’re good to go!

 Resultado de imagem para esp32-devkitc pinout

Official Support Webpage from Espressif

Here you can go diretly to Espressif DEV-KITC webpage.


Datasheet ESP32-WROOM-32E

GettingStarted Guide

Pinout (large Image)

ESP32 Hardware Design Guidelines



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