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JDY-34 Bluetooth 4.2 dual-mode Compatible with HC-05 HC-06


JDY-34 SPP-C host dual-mode 2.4G Bluetooth 4.2 module 4DB supports multi-machine connection Compatible with HC-05 HC-06.

Model: JDY-34

Transmission distance: 40 meters

Bluetooth version: BLE 4.2 + SPP dual*modc( Downward compatible 4.2 %4.0 v 3.0、2.1、2.0)


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*Disclaimer: The images are merely illustrative.

What makes it special?

Jdy-34 transparent transmission module is based on Bluetooth ble4. It has 2 protocol + 3.0 standard, supports ble and spp working at the same time, and spp supporting multi connection and spp master-slave working at the same time.

It does not need to be separately configured as a host or slave function. In multi-connection mode, spp supports 7 master-slave computers (Android or computers) to connect with 1 IOS mobile phone. BLE also supports Android or IOS connection, and in host mode, it supports the connection with the market. All spp slave computers are connected for communication, including jdy-30, jdy-31, jdy-32, jdy-33, printer, etc.

The communication interface is standard UART, which can configure working mode, baud rate, ble Bluetooth UUID, pairing password and other parameters through at command. The main advantage is high-speed communication. Spp supports 40kbyte / s data transmission and multi connection function after connecting with mobile phone or computer.

Module Parameters:

  • Model: JDY-34
  • Antenna TYPE: PCB board antenna
  • Working frenquency band: 2.4G
  • Transmitting power: 4db (Max >
  • Communication intcr&cc: UART
  • Working volage: 5V
  • Working temperature: -40C--80c
  • Receiving sensitivity: -9ldbm
  • Transmission distance: 40 meters
  • Module size: 27x 12.88 x1.8mm
  • Bluetooth version: BLE 4.2 + SPP dual*modc( Downward compatible 4.2 %4.0 v 3.0、2.1、2.0)
  • Transparent Transmission rate: BLE I4K Byte/s SPP 40KByte/s (Measured speed of 40K bytes on Android or computer Bluetooth)
  • Instruction parameter saving: Parameter configuration of power down data saved
  • STM welding temperature: <260c
  • Working current: 15mA

PIN Function:

  1. ENP: When it is necessary to send AT instruction in connected state, it can indicate AT instruction mode by keeping this pin low level. In the unconnected state, this pin is in AT instruction mode regardless of high or low level.
  2. vcc: Power supply(3.6*6V)
  3. GND: Power ground
  4. TXD: Serial port output pin (TTL level)
  5. RXD: Serial port receive pin (TTL level)
  6. STATE: Low level not connected, high level after connection.

Factory common default parameter configuration

  1. Serial port baud rate: 9600 - AT+BAIJD4
  2. SPP broadcast name: JDY-34-SPP - AT+NAMKJDY-34-SPP
  3. BLE broadcast name: JDY-34-BLE - Al +N AMRJ DV-34-IOS
  4. Working mode: SPP (master-slave) or BLE alternative AT+BTMODE1
  5. Output status: Output status - AT+ENLOGI
  6. BLE 16 bit service UU1D - FFE0 - AT+SVR16UUIDFFE1
  7. BLE 16 bit feature UUID - FFEI - AT+RX16UUIDFFE1
  8. BLE 16 bit feature UUID - FFE2 - AT+TX16UUIDFFE2
  9. BLE 128 bit service UUID - E7810A7173AE499D 8CI5FAA9AEFOC3F2 - AT+SVRI28UtHDE78t0A7l73AI>l99D 8C15FAA9AEF0C3H
  10. BLE 128 bit feature UUID - BEF8D6C99C214998 C15FAA9AEFOC3F2 - AT+TRXI28mm)BI:F8D6C99C214998 Cl5F/\A9Ali:l-0C3F2



  1. How to disconnect Bluetooth from MCU in connection state? In the connection state, pull down the PWRC pin, and the serial port sends AT+DISC to disconnect.
  2. How much data can serial port write at one time? No byte limit
  3. What is the fastest communication rate? The actual test speed of SPP and computer or mobile phone is 40K Byte/s The actual test communication speed of BLE and IOS mobile phones is 14K Byte/s
  4. There is no instruction to configure SPP master in the manual. SPP is master and slave simultaneous work 9 and do not need to be configured separately.
  5. How to get into deep sleep? Recommended power-off mode
  6. Why can't it multi-connected by default? The default is AT+BTMOED1 mode,which is an alternative single connected mode. For multi-connection, please configure AT+BTMODE0 mode.
  7. Is thp serial port baud rate still the default baud rale when SPP'shigh-speed 40K byte/S is verified? Please use IM or 750000 or 600000 baud rate setting.

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