Sensor Ultrasónico SRF08
  • Sensor Ultrasónico SRF08



The SRF08 has I2C interface and a range of 3cm to 6m. This range finder incorporates an LDR for light measuring.



  • Current - 15mA Typ. 3mA Standby
  • Frequency - 40KHz
  • Range - 3cm - 6m
  • Max Analogue Gain - Variable 94 to 1025 in 32 steps
  • Connection - Standard I2C Bus
  • Light Sensor - Front Facing light sensor
  • Timing - Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of task
  • Echo - Multiple echo - keeps looking after first echo
  • Units - Range reported in uS, cm or inches
  • Small Size - 43mm x 20mm x 17mm height


More information in the product support page.


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