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Tutorial Bot'n Roll ONE A - Install USB Driver


Step by step tutorial to install the USB driver for Bot'n Roll ONE A

This tutorial explains all necessary steps to connect Bot'n Roll ONE A to a computer using an USB port. Also explains how to upload a sketch to the robot using Arduino IDE software.


Video Tutorial:



Necessary steps:


Step 1: Go to the robot's support page


Step 2: Download the software



Step 3: Install the VCP driver software, Virtual COM Port for communication between the robot and the computer

Step 4: Open the Arduino IDE software and on "Tools" select the board "Arduino Uno"



Step 5: Select the COM port that was defined for communication with Bot'n Roll ONE A



Passo 6: Open the "Blink" example and upload the sketch to the robot



Passo 7: Verify that the "L" LED on Bot'n Roll ONE A is blinking every 1 second. Welcome to world!


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