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Module Motion Sensor PD01 for LED tapes 12~24V


PIR series switches are designed to remotely open/close 12V/24V LED strips installed on aluminum profiles. The light turns on when motion is detected in the area where the switch is activated. If no movement is detected in 30 seconds, the indicator turns off automatically.


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  • Brief Description and Features of PD01:
  • The small size of the switch allows you to install the switch on most aluminum profiles;
  • Easy to mount the switch on the adhesive base on the profile;
  • Wide contact pad for soldering;
  • (100%) /Off (0%) 1.5 ÷ 2 seconds ();
  • 120° wide motion sensing angle allows you to install the switch deep into the furniture without taking it to the front desk.
  • Detection distance 2.0 ± 0.5 meters. When voltage is applied, the device goes into standby mode. The lights went out. The light illuminates when motion is detected within the detection distance.
  • Range kitchen furniture, bedrooms, sliding wardrobes and other types of cabinet furniture.




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