Thermocouple Type K Amplifier MAX31855 breakout board ( MAX6675 upgrade )


Thermocouple Type K Amplifier

  • MAX31855 breakout board

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  • 1.Thermocouples are very sensitive, requiring a good amplifier with a cold-compensation reference.
  • 2.This protuct does everything for you, and can be easily interfaced with any microcontroller,
  • even one without an analog input.
  • 3.This breakout board has the chip itself, a 3.3V regulator with 10uF bypass capacitors and level shifting circuitry,
  • 4.Comes with a 2 pin terminal block (for connecting to the thermocouple) and pin header (to plug into any
  • breadboard or perfboard).


1. measurement temperature range: -200 degrees Celsius to 1350 degrees Celsius above zero
2. SPI interfaces, high-speed transmission
3. the input voltage is 3-5v DC
4. direct digital output temperature value, no amplifiers, no ADC
5. 14-bit resolution, 0.25 degree temperature accuracy


1.Works with any K type thermocouple
2 K thermocouples have about ±2°C to ±6°C accuracy
4.Internal temperature reading
5.3 to 5v power supply and logic level compliant!
6.SPI data output requires any 3 digital I/O pins.

Package Included:

1 x Thermocouple Breakout Board


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