Game HAT for Raspberry Pi


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This Game HAT will turn your Raspberry Pi into a classic game console in a second, recalls you all the gaming pleasures in the memory.

Game HAT Features

  • 3.5inch IPS screen, 480×320 resolution
  • 60 frame experience, smoothly display, no more frame loss
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B/3B+ (Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH requires another HDMI cable)
  • Integrates battery charge circuitry, powered from a 18650 lithium battery (NOT included), plays anywhere anytime
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Onboard speaker and earphone jack, listen to the familiar BGM from the old days

Keys Introduction

Game HAT keys introduction

  • Game function keys vary according to specific game
  • Start + Select to exit current game
  • Menu, Up/Left, Down/Right, Exit, this four keys on the bottom allow to adjust screen brightness/contrast, volume, etc.


Game HAT dimensions

Development Resources

Wiki :

Selection Guide

GamePi15 Portable Game Console 1.54inch display, 240×240 resolution Pi required
Game HAT Portable Game Console 3.5inch IPS display, 480×320 resolution Pi required
GamePi43 Portable Game Console 4.3inch IPS display, 800×480 resolution Pi required
Arcade-101-1P Arcade Machine 10.1inch IPS display, 1024×600 resolution Pi included, out-of-box
Arcade-101-1P Acce Pack Arcade Machine 10.1inch IPS display, 1024×600 resolution Pi required
Arcade-C-1P Arcade Console NONE, supports 1920×1080 resolution Pi included, HDMI display required
Arcade-C-1P Acce Pack Arcade Console NONE, supports 1920×1080 resolution Pi required, HDMI display required
Arcade-D-1P  USB Arcade Control Box NONE, No video output Raspberry Pi / PC / Tablet / Smart TV required



Weight: 0.212 kg

Note: the Raspberry Pi and 18650 battery in the photo are NOT included.

  1. Game HAT x1
  2. Acrylic case x1
  3. HDMI connector x1
  4. RPi screws pack x1




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