ITEAD Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Shield Starter Kit For Arduino


BLE shield is to adapt Bluetooth Low Energy to serial port, which is specifically designed for Arduino motherboard and compatible boards, plug and play.


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PCB size 56.0mm X 44.7mm X 1.6mm
Supply voltage 5V
Operating level 3.3V and 5V
Protocol Bluetooth 4.0
Indicators PWR and Status

Electrical Characteristics

Parameters Min. Typical Max. Unit
Power supply voltage 1.65 3.3 3.3 VDC
Working current (VCC=3.3V) - 50 - mA
Emission power - - 4 dBm
Sensitivity - - -84 dBm
Transmission velocity - 6 - Kbps
Working temperature -5 - 65



UART multiplexer

You can use jumpers to connect TXD and RXD pins of HM-10 module to D0~7 of Arduino.

BLE shield1.jpg

When connecting in the following way, BLE shield is to connect and communicate with hardware UART of chip Atmega328 on the board.

BLE shield2.jpg

When connecting in the following way, BLE shield is to communicate with chip Atmega8U2 or FT232RLon the board. They are connected to PC via USB cable, when connecting in this way, serial software of PC can be used to control or configure HM-10 module.

BLE shield3.jpg

Apart from the two ways above, you can also connect TXD and RXD to pins D2 ~ 7 and use a soft serial library to control BLE shield.

BLE shield4.jpg

Operating level switch

BLE shield5.jpg

When switching to 3.3V, BLE shield can communicate with boards of 3.3V operating level, such as Arduino DUE; when switching to 5V, BLE shield can communicate with boards of 5V operating level, such as Arduino UNO.

When switching, the power supply voltage of V pin at the electronic brick interface will also change accordingly. That is to say, voltage of V pin is 3.3V when switching to 3.3V and 5V when switching to 5V.


1. PWR

3.3V power supply indicator of the shield: When the power supply is normal, PWR indicator is normally ON.

2. Status

Bluetooth connection status indicator: When the Bluetooth is under standby status, Status indicator flashes at pulse time of 500ms (Status indicator can be modified as OFF under standby status via AT commands); When the Bluetooth is under connection status, Status indicator is normally ON.



Datasheet for HM-10 Module


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