DTMF Module (Arduino Gadgeteer Compatible)
  • DTMF Module (Arduino Gadgeteer Compatible)
  • DTMF Module (Arduino Gadgeteer Compatible)
  • DTMF Module (Arduino Gadgeteer Compatible)

DTMF Module (Arduino Gadgeteer Compatible)


Make a call to control the Arduino! Use the analog / digital telephone lines to send commands using your mobile phone keypad to dial your Arduino and perform functions anywhere in the world!



This board is a Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling module decoder for Arduino and gadgeteer. With its audio connector you can decode the crazy funny noises common phones make. If you are not sure what I'm talking about, imagine a home phone while pressing several of its keys. These Touch-Tones have a specific frequency or sound that this module can decode. 
Together with GMS / GPRS / GPS shield this module can communicate your Arduino with any phone land line or Cell phone in the world, within GSM signal range. Which goes as far as your cellphone.
Its quite convenient to send wireless commands over audio lines, like a phone call. Connected to our GSM/GPS shield, you could just call your robot and press any button or set of buttons to enable it.
Connect our mp3 module to this board to enable audio feedback when pressing keys, or a welcome message when the phone call is established.
Enables GPS geo location mapping, and DTMF moving functions to have a instant access.

NOTE: SDK or drivers for Gadgeteer platform not included. Drivers are a community maintained projects, for contributions please forward directly to Github or Codeplex.


  • Microphone integrated for testing with LED that shows audio signal strength
  • Audio socket for application
  • 37x37x9mm
  • Potentiometer on board to regulate receiving volume


  • DTMF module  x1
  • Audio cable male-male x1
  • male pin headers for optional arduino connection ( jumper cables not included ) x1
  • IDC 10 pin gadgeteer cable  x1

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