FT232 USB UART Board (Type A)
  • FT232 USB UART Board (Type A)
  • FT232 USB UART Board (Type A)
  • FT232 USB UART Board (Type A)

FTDI Converter USB UART 3V3 and 5V


FTDI FT232 converter with selector to 3V3 and 5V devices. It has USB type A and a direct access to the other pin of the FTDI chip is available, an added value for your projects.



The FT232 USB UART Board (Type A) is an accessory board that features a USB-to-UART serial convertor FT232, USB Type A connector, and 3 LEDs: TXD LED, RXD LED, POWER LED.

There is also a jumper used for selecting VCC output level provided on the board:

  • Short the jumper to select output voltage level as 5V or 3.3V. In this case, the accessory board is powered from USB connection and provides power to the target application board
  • If the jumper is open, the accessory board should be powered from the target application board (3.3V-5V)

The TXD, RXD, RTS#, and CTS# are connected to the onboard soldered pinheaders, while the other pins are accessable on the drill holes, separate pinheaders (40-pin male & 40-pin female) are also provided.

Note: supports Windows 8.


FT232, USB type A connector, UART interface, VCC output level selection jumper