Metal Smart Car Chassis w/ 4 motors

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Package Included:

  • wheel: plastic wheel 86*39MM(blue-black) - x4
  • small car chassis: 200MM*145MM*40MM ALUMINUM ALLOY 15KG LOAD BEARING(BLACK) *1
  • motor: GA25Y310 6V 1/74.8(DC6V 97rpm)large torque metal DC motor - x4
  • coupler Extension shaft coupling/hexagon coupling, 30mm length, outer diameter: 11MM, inner diameter 5(24+6MM- x4
  • screw: M3*6MM round head- x16
  • screw: M3*8MM round head - x16
  • screw: M4*6MM round head - x4
  • nut: M3 nickel plating - x16

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