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NATURE PETG PRO is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use, suitable for all major 3D printers. Produced with high-quality raw materials, our product has been improved in toughness and fluidity, owing to adjustments of process and formulation.

Its printed products have high strength, smooth surface, high gloss, translucent effect and are not easy to crack. PETG provides excellent weather resistance, which means that it can maintain the tenacity of products and prevent discoloration, making it especially suitable for 3D printing outdoor advertising text.

Extruder temperature - 220~240℃
Platform temperature - 70~80℃
Print speed - 40~60mm/s
Cooling fan - on
Filament diameter - 1.75

Select the product color from 2 available colors:

If you have any questions on this product please feel free to contact us.

PETG has the advantages of both ABS and PLA 3D printing materials. First of all, the low shrinkage rate of PETG, and the relatively small probability of warping during the printing process make it easier to print than other printing materials such as ABS. At the same time, PETG has high impact strength and good tenacity like ABS, and has good hydrophobicity, therefore, it does not need to be stored in an enclosed space.

Note: The filament is faithful to the images, however the coils that come with the PETG are different in appearance and are the same as the image below:

petg pro def.jpg


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